Coming from a dance background with several years of experience at the State Theaters of Budapest and Munich, I started in the early 90’s to focus on my career in the Fitness Industry. Guided by my experience in the Fashion, Commercial, and Show Industry I accomplished my knowledge for all the necessary Aerobic Certifications, including special certifications in Hip Hop. Living in Munich/Germany, I’ve been working since 1993 at recognized sports and fitness studios in the local area, as well as throughout Europe. I have also been able to pass my knowledge on in workshops, courses, and Master Classes. Among the many studios I have been teaching at, the most known are


A.C.E. Aerobics Instructor
IDEA Certification (Five times)
Madonna Grimes Fitness and HipHop Certification
IFAA Certifications Personal Training Certification from the London R.A.S.
Teachers-Teaching-Technic-Certification U.S.A.
IWANSON DANCE CENTER (Munich, 1993-1995)
TANZ PROJECT (Munich, 1993-1996)
P.R.I.N.Z. (Munich, 1994-1997)
Elexia (2004-until now)Innings (2002-until now)
LEO’S (Munich, April 1999-2003)
Stefans Sports Center 1995 to present – aerobics fitness to 2004
Gauting Studio Workout (2003-until now)
Sportive Martiensried (2004-until now)