Either Dance groovy, Step light-up or Body Styling : FITNESS is always the goal, but the way to it is only possible on the basis of FUN. To make a class being great fun, the harmony of movements is as well part of the success as creating a relaxing and exciting atmosphere in the studio. “Dance and Smile“ is the simple concept of my classes people must be able to follow. VARIATION OF MOVES and CHALLENGE for the class, fitted to the level of ability, is the secret to what for years has been keeping my classes booked out. The third tool to make people feel comfortable in classes is of course the choice of MUSIC.

Having the right music is a matter of choice. Depending on the level of classes and style of the choreography, I like using dance beats with a lot of feel in the music. In my classes House Music, Dance Floor and Latin are dominating, but more important than the style of music are the Beats Per Minute (B.P.M.) The B.P.M. I use vary, depending on the level of class, between 120 and 132 in my Dance Aerobics and 128 and 130 in my Creative Step. The three success factors of Aerobics – variation, challenge for each level and music – lead altogether to what makes a class FUN for the instructor and the people at the same time!